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» Episode 020 Summary: Enter the New Chapter! It's the Chuunin Exam. «

The episode starts off showing Naruto as he wakes up in the morning. Books are strewn about his floor as he makes his way to the dinner table to have breakfast, which consists of pudding, ramen, miso ramen, pork ramen, with a slice of buttered toast and some milk. Shaking the milk carton, Naruto realizes the milk is actually spoiled, as it sounds all chunky. With a sigh, he puts the milk down and begins to feast on his buttered toast. Locking the door to his house with his bulldog keychain, Naruto tightens his headband and runs off to start today's mission.

Sasuke and Sakura are standing on a bridge, awaiting the arrival of Naruto and Kakashi-sensei. Sakura stands with her eyes closed, thinking about something, when the sound of Naruto's footsteps catches her attention. She looks up and turns to see him sprinting towards them. Naruto says hello to Sakura, and then looks over to Sasuke, giving him a mean look. Sakura glances back and forth between the two, noticing that Sasuke is returning the look. Turning his back to Sakura, Naruto crosses his arms and lets out a “hmph!” Sakura thinks to herself about how Sasuke and Naruto have been acting ever since they came back from the Wave Country. Inner Sakura shows up and demands that Kakashi arrives, and quick.

A while passes, and still no sign of Kakashi-sensei. The trio of Genin's look as if they're tired of waiting. Finally, Kakashi-sensei appears, crouching on a support beam above the trio. He explains that he got lost, which is why he was late in coming. Naruto says to Kakashi-sensei about how boring the past seven missions have been, and asks for a better one, where he can truly shine. Kakashi-sensei smiles and tells him that he knew exactly what Naruto was going to say. The two turn to look at Sasuke, who looks like he'd much rather be somewhere else, and Naruto thinks to himself about how Sasuke always has to show him up. Naruto dreams up a scene of Sasuke falling to his knees, as a kunai flies at him. Naruto dashes in to deflect the kunai, and begins to sparkle. Kakashi-sensei asks what the heck Naruto is doing, and exclaims that they should be on their way. Sakura comments on how annoying Naruto is acting today.

The scene switches to the trio in someone's backyard, apparently pulling up weeds. Naruto quickly begins to tear at the weeds, trying to outdo Sasuke. Naruto quickly builds a gigantic pile of weeds, and tells the lady that owns the place that he's got them all. She begins to shake in anger, and Naruto asks what's going on. She exclaims that those weren't weeds that he pulled up, but the herbs she was growing in her garden, and proceeds to beat him up!

The scene switches yet again, and a can is seen being tossed into the air. The can lands in a wastebasket tied to Naruto's back, who now sports a black eye. Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto are shown standing in a flowing river, picking up the trash that litters it, while Kakashi-sensei reads some more Come Come Paradise as he leans up against a tree. Naruto continues searching for trash, and suddenly slips off of his feet, landing in the river with a splash. Sakura and Sasuke turn to look as Naruto begins to float downstream, headed right for a waterfall. Naruto falls over the edge and screams for help, and then realizes that he isn't falling anymore. He looks up and sees Sasuke holding onto a rope as he hangs from a tree, holding onto Naruto's ankle. Sasuke calls him a moron, and Naruto looks pissed.

The scene switches to show a fenced off area of the forest, the sign reading “Trap Field! Stay Out!” Naruto can be heard yelling for someone to stop, and it shows him walking a rather large dog. The dog is dragging Naruto behind him, as it makes its way towards the fenced off area. Naruto pleads with the dog to stop, and we see that Sasuke and Sakura both are walking dogs, although their dogs are significantly smaller. The dog leads him into a hole in the fence, headed straight for the trap field, as Kakashi-sensei sits in a tree, again reading Come Come Paradise. Explosions go off as the dog leads Naruto through the trap field. Sasuke and Sakura look on as this all goes on, and then we see Naruto all charred, with the dog happily standing in his lap.

Sakura and Sasuke are shown helping Naruto back to their village, and the two harass him. Naruto gets angry and shoves the both of them off, threatening Sasuke. Sakura intervenes and threatens to finish Naruto off if he doesn't calm down. Kakashi-sensei comments about how their teamwork seems to be failing as of late. Naruto blames Sasuke for the lack of teamwork, accusing him of always hogging the spotlight. Sasuke fires back, calling Naruto a moron, and telling him that if he doesn't want to keep looking so bad, that Naruto should just become stronger than him. The two have a stare off for a few moments, as Sakura looks on. The camera zooms in on Sasuke's face, as an overlay of Haku's mask floats by. Sasuke says he can't stand it anymore, how there are so many other people stronger than him out there, while he's stuck here doing stupid missions. Kakashi-sensei as always doesn't look concerned, as he is again reading Come Come Paradise, before speaking up and calling it a day. Sasuke turns and tells them that he's heading home, and Sakura runs off to follow him. She asks Sasuke if he wants to work on their teamwork, just the two of them. Sasuke shoots her down, saying she's the same as Naruto. Inner Sakura makes another appearance, as she holds up a large stone with the characters “Same as Naruto” carved into it. Sasuke insults her again by saying that she is actually weaker than Naruto. The carving in the boulder Inner Sakura is holding changes to “Below Naruto” and she struggles under the weight. A spotlight shines on Sakura as she realizes that she does the least in every mission.

Naruto calls her and asks her to train with him instead. Kakashi-sensei is seen standing behind Naruto when he disappears suddenly, causing Naruto to turn and exclaim that he felt Kakashi-sensei left so that she and Naruto could be alone. A small box painted to look like a rock with eye holes cut into it crawls up behind Naruto and sneaks up on him. Naruto turns and looks at the “rock,” and begins to walk away. The rock follows closely behind, and stops when Naruto stops. Naruto runs off the screen, and the rock follows. Running back the other way, the rock is still chasing Naruto. The chase goes on for a little while before Naruto stops and confronts the rock. Pointing to the rock, he asks what kind of rock is square with two holes, and that he sees right through it. A voice from inside the rock says that's just what he expects from his rival. The rock begins to glow, before exploding in a cloud of yellow and purple smoke.

The smoke clears, and three small children are seen crouching and coughing in the dust. The boy in the middle, Konohamaru says that they used too much explosives. The three quickly realize that Naruto is staring at them, and they leap into action, letting him know who they are. First is Moegi, calling herself, “sexiness of an adult, female ninja.” Second is a young boy with glasses, who exclaims that he loves assembling models. His name is Udon. Third and finally is Konohamaru, who calls himself the villages number one genius ninja. The three of them together are called the Konohamaru Squad!

Naruto says that he knew it was Konohamaru, and he asks what's with the goggles the trio is wearing. Konohamaru explains that they're trying to copy the old Naruto. Konohamaru tells Naruto that he's been very cold lately, and Naruto just asks what they want, totally ignoring Konohamaru's question. Konohamaru jumps back, and Moegi asks if Naruto is free, calling him leader. Naruto tells them that he isn't, because he's too busy training. Konohamaru cries out and says that he promised to play ninja with them today. Naruto appears to have forgotten, only to quickly think to himself on how to get rid of them.

Sakura stumbles towards the group and asks herself why a ninja would play ninja. Naruto asks what she wants, and she doesn't reply, only thinking to herself how she could possibly be below Naruto. Naruto blushes and smiles, thinking she's got the hots for him. He laughs nervously, and Konohamaru asks who she is. Konohamaru smiles, and applauds Naruto on his choice, obviously thinking Sakura is his girlfriend. Naruto doesn't correct him, which causes Sakura to smack him, sending him flying back into a fence. Moegi and Udon run over to check and see how Naruto is. Konohamaru screams and calls Sakura an ugly bitch, as she cracks her knuckles, walking calmly over to him and bonking him on the head. Konohamaru is then shown on the ground next to Naruto, who now has two huge lumps coming from his head, as Sakura walks away and Udon checks on Konohamaru. Naruto and Konohamaru slowly get to their feet, each sharing the matching lumps on their heads. Konohamaru angrily insults Sakura, which causes her to stop and turn, giving them all a mean look.

She turns and charges at the group, who begin to run away. Konohamaru runs right into someone standing in the way, and falls backwards. As he looks up, he sees two strange people standing there, one male and one female. The male is dressed in all black, and has his face painted with purple markings. He has something wrapped up tightly and strapped to his back, with what appears to be hair sticking out of the top. The female is about the same height, with blonde hair. She's wearing a white shirt with a red sash tied around her waist. The male speaks up and says “That hurts.”

The scene changes to the various Jounin's sitting in a room, as Iruka reads a report updating him on Naruto's growth. Kakashi-sensei looks up and says that he's been doing pretty well. Iruka says he's been so busy lately, that he hasn't had time to see Naruto since they got back. Kakashi-sensei mentions that Naruto has been teamed up with Uchiha Sasuke, and tells Iruka that Naruto sees him as a bit of a rival, telling him about their frequent arguments, but he also mentions that they have been improving greatly. Almost enough to surpass Iruka, Kakashi-sensei adds, which brings joy to Iruka's face.

We are now shown Aburame Shino, Hyuga Hinata, and Inuzuka Kiba crouching and out of breath. Their team leader looks to the sky, sensing something in the air. Cut to Sarutobi Asuma, the leader of the team that consists of Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, and Akimichi Choji, who are all sitting and relaxing while Asuma looks to the sky as well. Choji is eating furiously as usual, and Ino is sipping on a drink.

We now see the mystery man holding Konohamaru up in the air by his neck, threatening him. The female scolds him, telling him that they'll get yelled at later if this keeps up. Sakura apologizes, claiming that she was just messing around, as she wonders to herself just who these people are. Naruto screams at the newcomer, telling him to let go of Konohamaru. The man just smiles and notices Naruto's headband, showing the symbol of the Leaf Village. He tells the female that he wants to mess around a little bit before the boss comes. Konohamaru struggles for breath, and attempts to kick at the stranger, who calls him a brat.

Naruto charges at him, and the stranger moves his fingers in response, as Naruto's foot is shoved out from underneath him by some invisible force, causing him to crash to the ground. Naruto wonders just what the heck happened, as the stranger says that all Leaf genin are weak. Sakura finally realizes that the new people aren't from the Leaf Village, and wonders just what they're doing here. Moegi and Udon both show their concern over Konohamaru's wellbeing as he is lifted higher in the air, again asking the stranger to let go of him. Naruto jumps to his feet quickly and again threatens to kick the ass of the new guy if he doesn't let Konohamaru go. Sakura grabs him and tells him to shut up, calling him an idiot. The stranger smiles and calls Naruto annoying, adding that he hates midgets, especially the rude younger ones. The female sighs, and claims that she isn't involved, letting her counterpart have his fun. He then says that he'll quickly take care of Konohamaru, and then move on to Naruto. As he pulls his fist back to strike Konohamaru again, Naruto charges at him as an object flies through the air, striking the newcomer in the hand, causing him to drop Konohamaru.

He clutches at his hand and turns to look in the direction that the rock came from, and sees Sasuke standing in a tree, tossing a rock playfully into the air and catching it. Sasuke asks what they're doing in the Leaf Village, which causes Sakura to scream out his name in joy. Sasuke catches the rock a final time, before crushing it in his clenched fist, telling them to get lost as the dust spills from his hand. Sakura and Moegi lust after Sasuke, as Konohamaru turns to Naruto, telling him that he sucks. Naruto quickly counters, saying that he could've easily taken care of that guy. Konohamaru obviously doesn't believe him, as Naruto curses Sasuke silently, again claiming that Sasuke is trying to make him look bad.

The new guy calls Sasuke down, claiming that he hates the brats that show off the most. He reaches for the thing strapped to his back, as he begins to unravel it. The female is surprised, asking if he is really going to use that thing (apparently called Karasu). The thing falls to the ground, a loose bandage blowing in the breeze. A pair of shady eyes are shown, and presumably the owner of those eyes speaks, telling the man (whom we now know as Kankuro) to stop. Sasuke looks on in surprise, as he realizes the voice is coming from the opposite side of the tree. The group looks up and sees the man standing upside down on a tree branch, who calls Kankuro an embarrassment to their village. Kankuro realizes its someone he knows, named Gaara. Sasuke wonders just when Gaara had arrived, claiming that his sneakiness could possibly rival Kakashi-sensei's.

The various Jounin are seen standing around, as the Hokage speaks. The Hokage tells them says that they know why they're all there already. Asuma speaks and mentions that he has seen the others from the other countries roaming around the Leaf Village. Kurenai Yuuhi, the leader of Hinata, Shino and Kiba, speaks up next, asking the Hokage when it is. He replies that it will begin in one week, which Kakashi-sensei calls sudden. The Hokage blows out a puff of smoke, and officially announces that seven days from now, on the first day of the seventh moon, the Chuunin Selection Exam will begin, as the episode comes to an end.




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