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The village is shown as it is seen going slowly from upper right to lower left. A window is shown. Naruto is waking up from a nice night of sleep. He is clothed in whitish colored pajamas. He is wearing a sleeping cap that is black and has the face of an animal on it. He stretches and yawns as he arises from the bed. He removes the cap and throws it on the bed. As he walks tiredly towards the kitchen., he looks at the calender. He sees that today, September 15, he has an explanatory meeting at 9 A.M. Naruto opens a cup of ramen and begins to eat.

(episode title screen is shown)

As Naruto eats the ramen, he takes a drink from a carton of milk that is sitting on the table. Naruto adjusts his goggles while looking in the mirror. He is now fully dressed in his normal clothes. He looks on the stand in front of the mirror and sees his Konoha Forehead Protector. He smiles in delight as he picks it up.

The village is now shown. Naruto is walking down a street. Someone is poorly disguised hiding along a fence. Konohamaru jumps in front of Naruto and demands that they fight. The young boy trips over his disguise and falls face first into the ground. Naruto watches what has just happened with a surprised look. Naruto wonders what Konohamaru is trying to do. The grandson of the Third says that he expects nothing less from the one whom he respects. Naruto lets Konohamaru know that he did not do anything. The younger boy rises to his feet and demands that they fight fair and square. Naruto apologizes for not being able to fight since he has to go to an explanatory meeting at this time. Konohamaru wonders about the explanatory meeting. Naruto informs the boy that he is a ninja starting this very day. Naruto points at his forehead protector. Konohamaru gasps in amazement.

A white kimono is shown with kanji written inside a design that looks like fire. The kanji reads: the fighting spirit. A teenage girl with pink hair and a red dress is fixing her hair while looking into a mirror. The girl smiles happily into the mirror. A voice from her mother, asks the girl, Sakura, ‘if she should be leaving now?'. Sakura who is angered by this responds that she was just about to leave. The girl's inner-self, Inner-Sakura, says that her family should stop treating her like a child.

Sakura is walking through the marketplace on her way to her destination. Sakura thinks to her self that she is no longer a student at the academy. She is now on of the Konoha Village's Kunoichi (female ninja), and her name is Haruno Sakura.

A young, long haired, blonde girl walks out from her home. She is wearing a purple top, white arm coverings and tape over her stomach and her upper legs. She looks to the right to see Sakura walking down the street towards her. Sakura stops as the two girls look at one another. The young lady says good morning to Sakura. Sakura greets the girl, Ino, with a good morning of her own.

The two girls walk side by side. Ino tells the pink haired girl that she is suprised about her graduating. Sakura responds that the past no longer matters and that as of today, they both are ninjas. With a fierce look in her eye Sakura tells Ino that she will not lose to her anymore. Sakura pulls ahead in their walk, then Ino. This goes on a few times until both girls end up in a full sprint.

Naruto is sitting with his head on the desk smiling. A young man walks by and asks Naruto why is here, since the meeting was only for those who graduated. Naruto points to his forehead protector and asks the young man if he can see it. Naruto also tells the young man that as of today, he is also a ninja. The teenager looks at Naruto with disgust. Naruto asks if the forehead protector looks good on him. While the two are talking a number of other new ninjas are seen around the room.

A young girl with dark hair and white eyes looks at Naruto with a smile on her face. She is wearing a large jacket and her forehead protector around her neck. She is glad that Naruto was able to graduate.

Sakura and Ino are running side by side down a hall. They make it into the room at the same time. They both announce their entrance by yelling ‘Goal!'. Both of the girls pant from being out of breath. Ino tells Sakura that she won again, while Sakura says that her toe entered the class first by a centimeter. As the two girls continue to argue, Naruto turns to see what is going on. Upon seeing Sakura, Naruto blushes. Sakura looks toward Naruto. Naruto seeing this looks away and blushes even more. Sakura runs towards Naruto. Ino yells at Sakura for leaving.

Naruto gets up and wishes the pink haired girl good morning. Sakura knocks Naruto out of the way. Sakura wishes Sasuke good morning. Sasuke is dressed in a blue shirt with a white and red waving fan on the back,, white arm coverings, and white pants. Sasuke, who is wearing his forehead protector that is holding up his black hair, just looks at Sakura. The pink-haired female ninja asks Sasuke if she can sit next to him. Ino walks down the steps and says she is gonna be seated by Sasuke. The two girls begin arguing again about who came into the classroom first.

While the two girls are fighting, some of the other girls surround them and start saying that they got in the class first and should sit beside Sasuke. Naruto is sitting on the floor watching everything. Sasuke turns away from the scene in disgust and says that the girls are annoying.

Sasuke is being watched through a crystal ball, as someone asks the Third Hokage, if that is this year's number one rookie, Uchiha Sasuke. A group of ninja are surrounding the Hokage and looking into the crystal ball. The Third confirms that the boy they are watching is indeed Uchiha Sasuke. A female ninja with dark hair and a red vest, says that Sasuke is a survivor of the Uchiha Clan. A white-haired ninja, whose entire face is covered by a mask and the forehead protector except for his right eye, watches on.

The crystal ball shows the girls arguing with Naruto still sitting on the floor. The white haired, one shown eye ninja notices that the boy on the ground is Uzimaki Naruto.

Naruto gets an angry look on his face and gets up. Sasuke who has his eyes closed in thought, opens them when he hears a noise. Naruto is now face to face with Sasuke. The two teenage boys have a stare down. The girls seeing what is going on, start yelling at Naruto to stop staring at Sasuke. Naruto looks over at the girls and looks back at Sasuke. He wonders to himself why are all the girls obsessed with Sasuke. The two stare at one another even more intensely. Ino tells Sasuke, to just beat up Naruto. A boy sitting in front of Sasuke hits Naruto and knocks him into Sasuke.

The girls watch on in disbelief. When Naruto got hit, it knocked him into Sasuke. The two inadvertently kissed from the hit. The two boys quickly break the kiss. Sakura loses it upon seeing this. Inner Sakura says that she was the one who was supposed to give Sasuke his first kiss. The young men grab their throats and start spitting. Sasuke says that he is going to kill Naruto for this. Naruto senses danger and looks over to see the girls getting ready to beat him senseless. Naruto pleads that it was an accident, the girls will not listen to his excuses. Sakura cracks her knuckles and says that Naruto is annoying. Naruto gulps in fear.

Back in the Hokage's office, he tells the ninjas that Naruto is being the center of trouble yet again.

In the classroom, Iruka-sensei says that as of today they are all official ninjas, but they are all still new genins (low class ninja). He tells them things are going to get harder from here. A bruised and battered Naruto listens on. Iruka-sensei tells the students that they will be in teams of three under a Jounin (high class ninja) teacher. Naruto, Sakura and Ino wonder to themselves, about the group of three. Ino asks Sakura who is going to be on Sasuke's team. Sakura lets her fellow female ninja know that she does not know. Inner Sakura exclaims that it will be her who will be teaming up with Sasuke. Sasuke thinks to himself that a team of three will be nothing but a burden to him. Naruto sits and thinks that his first teammate will be Sakura, and the second one could be anybody as long as it is not Sasuke.

Iruka-sensei says that they have arranged the groups so the overall abilities are equal. He begins to announce the teams. The outside of the school is shown briefly. Back inside the school Iruka-sensei is announcing the 7th group. He announces Uzimaki Naruto, then Haruno Sakura. The announcement of Sakura, makes Naruto celebrate and Sakura sulk. Iruka-sensei then announces Uchiha Sasuke as the last member of the group. This causes Sakura to celebrate and Naruto to sulk.

The dark-haired, white-eyed girl watches Naruto sadly. She thinks about not being in the same team as Naruto. Iruka-sensei announces the 8th group. He says Hyuuga Hinata and the white-eyed girl looks up The girl responds by saying yes. A young man with a red paint line on each side of his face with wild dark hair is shown. The young man with an Eskimo-style coat smiles as his name is announced, Inuzuka Kiba. The final member of the Eighth group is shown, it is a young man with a large white coat and sunglasses. This boy's name is Aburame Shino Sakura turns around and rubs it in Ino's face that she is on Sasuke's team. Ino wonders why Sakura gets to be in Sasuke's group. Inner-Sakura exclaims that love prevails.

Iruka-sensei announces the 9th group. The young man sitting next to Ino, asks why girls would like a guy like Sasuke. Ino asks this young man, Shikamaru, why he does not know that. He responds that he is not a girl. Ino tells him that is why he is not popular, and she does not want to team up with a guy like him.

Iruka-sensei begins to name the 10th group: Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru. Shikamaru tells Ino that appears she has to team with him. Ino is stunned by this. Iruka-sensei announces the last team member, Akimichi Chouji. A large boy is shown eating a bag of chips. Ino thinks to herself sadly that she has to team with a fatty as well. The fat boy gives a nod of determination.

Iruka says that is the end of the groups. Naruto asks his former teacher why does he, a top student, have to team with someone like Sasuke. Sakura watches angrily. Iruka-sensei lets Naruto know that Sasuke graduated with the highest scores. While Naruto had the worst scores. The class laughs at this. Iruka tells him that they want to evenly divide abilities between the groups. Sasuke calls Naruto a blockhead and to stop pulling his leg. Naruto looks at Sasuke angrily and asks him what he said. Sasuke once again calls him a blockhead and asks him if he wants to fight. The class laughs again, as Naruto starts to yell at Sasuke. Quickly, Iruka-sensei tells Naruto to stop the arguing. Iruka says that he will introduce the Jounin teachers in the afternoon and the meeting is adjourned until then.

Sakura is out walking trying to find Sasuke. She calls for him with no reply. She wonders where he has gone to. She says that she wants to eat with him since they are in the same group now. Naruto shows up and asks Sakura to eat together since they are in the same group now. Sakura asks Naruto why she does have to eat with him. Naruto says because they are in the same group. Sakura calls Naruto annoying and she walks away once again trying to find Sasuke. Naruto just watches her leave.

An apartment building is now seen, with Naruto sitting on top of a water tower on top. He says that it is no fun, that he joined the same group as Sakura-chan and this happens. He wonders to himself if something nice will happen to him. He looks down and sees Sasuke eating a rice ball, in front of an open window. Naruto gets a devilish grin on his face, and he says that he knows something he can do.

Ino's group is on porch of a building eating lunch. Ino declares herself the leader and that Chouji and Shikamaru are going to follow what she says. Shikamaru agrees with her just so he will not have to deal with arguing with her. Chouji says that all she could go eat barbecue sometime. Ino sighs ‘Jeeze' in disgust. Shikamaru notices Naruto sneaking up on Sasuke. Naruto jumps through the window and attacks Sasuke. Ino declares that Naruto better not hurt Sasuke or is he gonna get it.

Inside the room, Sasuke stands over a tied-up Naruto and calls him an idiot. Sasuke jumps out the window and leaves. Shikamaru says that Naruto must have been beaten. Ino declares that Naruto is no match for Sasuke

On a bench Sakura is finishing her lunch. She thinks to herself that there is no need to worry since her and Sasuke-kun are going to be in the same group for awhile. She sets hee lunch box down as the leaves blow through the air. She says that even if she wants to seduce Sasuke, her female figures are below average. The only thing she has above average is the width of her forehead. She looks up to see Sasuke leaning against a tree, smiling at her. She blushes at the intensity of the look Sasuke is giving her. She has a dream that Sasuke tells her she has a charming forehead and that it makes him want to kiss it. The dream Sakura tells him that is what it is for.

Sakura says that will not happen, it is just a fairy tale. Sasuke walks up to her and tells her she has a charming forehead and that it makes him want to kiss it. Inner-Sakura celebrates that she is in a fairy tale situation. Sasuke says he is kidding in that only Naruto would say something like that. Sasuke asks the girl what she thinks of Naruto. She responds that he has grown to accustomed to interfering in her love life. She says Naruto has fun seeing her in trouble. She also says the he knows nothing about her. She calls Naruto annoying and all she wants his to have Sasuke accept her. Sasuke asks surprisingly if she just wants him to accept her. Sakura says that she will do anything. Sakura goes to kiss Sasuke as he watches her with fear.

In the room where Sasuke was eating lunch, we see Sasuke laying on the floor tied up. Sasuke yells at himself for being caught off guard. In a brief flashback, Sasuke stands over a tied-up Naruto. The tied up Naruto transforms into a log. Sasuke watches surprisingly as a group of Narutos ambush him. Sasuke did not think someone who could not replicate properly could use the shadow replication technique.

In the park, Sakura tells Sasuke she is desperate. Naruto realizes why he likes Sakura so much. As they are about to kiss, Naruto-Sasuke comes down with stomach cramps. He wonders to himself why he got diarrhea at a time like this. Sakura asks what is wrong, while Naruto-Sasuke says he will be right back. Sakura thinks that Sasuke ran away because he was shy. She wonders if he needs to settle his feelings.

Naruto-Sasuke is running towards the bathroom. He sits on the toilet and undoes the transformation. He sighs in relief that he was able to keep the transformation in spite of the stomach pain. He wonders why the stomach ache had to hit at a time like this. He can not stop thinking about her calling him annoying. He says to himself that he was able to get close to Sakura, but only by being Sasuke. Naruto comes up with a plan of being an evil Sasuke to make Sakura-chan hate him.

Sakura is sitting on a bench, as she watches Sasuke come back. She calls Sasuke a shy person. She asks him if he is emotionally prepared, because she is. Sasuke asks if she has seen Naruto. She says to stop changing the subject and forget about Naruto, since all he does is pick fights with Sasuke. She says Naruto is the way he is because he had an irregular childhood. She asks Sasuke if he knows Naruto does not have parents. Sasuke turns around intensely as Sakura says that Naruto only does selfish things. She said her parents would scold her if she did such things. Sasuke gets an angry look in his eye as the girl continues. Sakura says that if you were alone, you would not have parents who would get mad at you. She says that this is the reason for him being selfish. Sasuke says the solitude of being alone can not even be compared with parents getting mad. Sakura asks Sasuke what is wrong. Sasuke calls Sakura annoying and he walks off. Sakura stands their stunned.

Naruto wipes his rear end and says he is glad that the diarrhea stopped. He pulls up his pants. Naruto runs from the bathroom and comes face-to-face with Sasuke. Naruto asks Sasuke why is he here. Sasuke lets Naruto know that the ability to untie ropes is a basic for a ninja. Sasuke demands to know why Naruto transformed into him. Naruto said he only did it since it seemed like it would be fun. Naruto quickly uses Kage Bunshin no Jutsu to attack Sasuke. Sasuke is surprised by the use of this technique again. Naruto tells Sasuke he is going to show how great he is by defeating him. As soon as Naruto is about to strike, he and the clones are stricken with diarrhea again. The group of Narutos run for the bathroom. Sasuke watches in amazement at the Narutos trying to fight to get into the bathroom.

Sakura is sitting on the bench in the park as she thinks about Sasuke calling her annoying. She realizes she knows how Naruto feels when she calls him annoying. She says that she will start being nice to him. Naruto walks up to Sakura wondering if he ate something weird. Sakura makes herself smile as Naruto approaches. Sakura asks Naruto to go back to the classroom with her. Naruto thinks that it is Sasuke trying to get back at him for what he did earlier. Naruto yells at Sakura, saying that he is not going to fall for Sasuke's tricks. Naruto tries to use Kage Bunshin no Jutsu as he is hit with diarrhea yet again. Naruto heads off to the bathroom again. Sakura yells at Naruto and call him an idiot.

The Third Hokage and the White-haired Jounin are in Naruto's home. The Third tells the Jounin that besides Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke will be in his group. The white-haired ninja notices that the milk Naruto drank has spoiled and would make him sick. He says that it appears something disastrous is going to happen.

Naruto is sitting on the toilet, suffering from his diarrhea. and he yells, what the heck.




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