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» Episode 002 Summary: I am Konohamaru «

The episode starts out with a view of the village with the Hokage Monument in the background. We slowly get closer to the monument. Then the screen pans from right to left, as we see the monument up close.

A cameraman is leaning on his camera, asking someone off-screen, "If they are sure that they want to look like that.". The person to whom the cameraman was speaking was Naruto. He let's the man know that he is sure that he wants to have his picture taken like that. He also tells the man to just hurry up and take the picture. The cameraman goes to take the picture and tells Naruto not to regret it. The cameraman does the normal camera person line "Say, cheese." The camera clicks and suddenly we see that Naruto has his face and hands painted white with red designs.

The school is now shown from the perspective of partially behind the tree with a swing hanging from it. We see the Third Hokage and unknown ninja sitting with him, Naruto is sitting in a wooden chair across from the Hokage and the ninja. The Third Hokage is looking at Naruto's Ninja Registration. The Ninja Registration contains Naruto's Official Number - 102607 and his birthday, 10/10 age 12 as well as being a Libra. Naruto laughs happily at what the Hokage is reading. Naruto explains that it took him a long time to come up with the perfect face. He says it took 3 hours for him to decide on the one he used. He says the he is pretty artistic. The Hokage brings Naruto back to reality by telling him to retake the picture. Naruto is shocked to hear the Hokage tell him to retake the picture. He tells the Hokage to not tell him that. Naruto and the Third have a staredown. Naruto uses his Sexy no Jutsu, Naked Woman Transformation, on the Hokage. Upon seeing the beautiful, big breasted blonde with not a shed of clothing on her body. The girl blows a kiss to the Third. The Third Hokage gets a nosebleed as his chair goes over backwards and onto the floor. The Hokage is on the ground stunned. Naruto, having undone the transformation, looks on in disbelief.

A young boy looking through the opening in the door watches intently on what is going in the room. The Hokage declares that Naruto's Sexy no Jutsu is a devastating technique. The Hokage asks Naruto why is he not wearing his forehead protector. Naruto, reaching at his goggles, replies that he is saving it for the meeting, so he does not let it get it damaged. The Third tells Naruto about how the Ninja Registry lists all those in the village with high-level ninja ability. He tells Naruto that this document should be important to him and that he should take it seriously. The Hokage demands to know why Naruto used that face for his picture. Naruto tells the Third Hokage that he does not understand things like that. The young boy is now seen still outside the door, but with a look of anger upon his face. He brings shuriken up, and it glistens in the light. The Third and Naruto both notice something and look towards the door.

The young boy opens the door and charges into the room. He has a helmet on his head with brown hair sticking out of the top, a blue scarf, beige pants, and a yellow shirt with the Konoha Leaf symbol upon it. .

The boy challenges the Hokage to a fight, even calling him a geezer in the process. The boy runs towards the Hokage, ready to throw the shuriken. Declaring that he, Konohamaru-sama, will be the Fifth Hokage. He trips and falls with a thud, right before he gets to the desk. Naruto and the Hokage look-on in disbelief. Konohamaru grabs at his face, while crying in pain. The Third wonders to himself if this kind of stuff will ever stop. A ninja wearing black sunglasses, walks into the room. Konohamaru rises to his knees, wondering who set a trap for him. All the while the young boy rubs his head. The Sunglassed ninja looks around the room . He does not see a trap and asks the boy if he is alright. He also tells the boy that he does not see a trap anywhere in the room.

Naruto sits and looks at the boy, wondering who this child is. The sunglassed ninja looks at Naruto and recognizes him and refers to him in his mind as the Nine-Tails punk. He declares his hate of Naruto internally as well. Konohamaru points at Naruto, declaring that he knows it was Naruto that set the trap. Naruto, mad at being falsely accused, grabs Konohamaru by the collar and let's the little idiot know that he tripped on his own. The ninja with the sunglasses tells Naruto to let the boy go, since he is the grandson of the Third Hokage. Naruto looks at the ninja then back at the boy. Konohamaru thinks to himself that Naruto will not do anything to him upon hearing this news. The boy also thinks that Naruto is just like his tutor and everyone else. Konohamaru tells Naruto that if he think he can punch him to go ahead and since he is the Hokage's grandson, Naruto is.... Naruto interrupts the child and tells him that he does not care who he is. Naruto gives Konohamaru a right cross to the jaw. Sending the boy to the floor in a heap. The sunglass ninja, who is Konohamaru's tutor, is shocked by what Naruto has just done. The Third wonders if this kind of foolishness will ever end.

In the hall of the school, the tutor is talking to his student. He lets him know that even if he was punched, he can not pay attention to people like that. Since nothing good will come from it. His elite tutor, Ebisu, knows best. Ebisu tells Konohamaru that if he wants to become the Fifth Hokage, having him as his tutor is the best way to do it. When the tutor looks at his student, he realizes that the boy is now gone. The Hokage tells Ebisu, that Konohamaru went after Naruto. Ebisu in a panic, leaves the room running off to find his prized student. The Hokage wonders to himself why Konohamaru turned out like he did., because the boy just attempted his twentieth surprise attack of the day. The Third is worried that his grandson is with Naruto. He hopes that his grandson will not pick up any of the stupid habits Naruto has.

Naruto is now walking down a street. Konohamaru spies Naruto from behind. Going from corner to corner trying not to be seen. Naruto has a feeling something or someone is behind him. Konohamaru noticing Naruto is turning around, hides himself badly underneath a cape. He blends into the ground nicely except for his feet sticking out underneath. Naruto sees the feet and sighs in disgust. He contines to walk down the street.

Konohamaru ditches the disguise and once again begins to follow Naruto. Naruto turns around and yells at Konohamaru to stop following him. In the meantime, the grandson of the Third Hokage is badly hidden against a wooden fence. The covering he uses to hide has horizontal lines instead of vertical lines. Konohamaru's hands and top of his hair are visible over the piece of cloth. Naruto lets the young boy know that he is not fooling anyone with his disguise. Konohamaru drops the cloth and is impressed that Naruto saw through such a clever disguise. He lets Naruto know that the rumors about his ninja smarts are true. The young boy tells the new ninja that he can be his boss. On one condition, that Naruto teach him the Sexy no Jutsu that he used to beat the Third Hokage. Naruto flat out tells him no. Konohamaru tells Naruto not to say that. He calls Naruto boss, and asks him please. Naruto realizing that he loves the idea of being called boss, gives into Konohamaru's demands.

Naruto and Konohamaru walk down the street, with Naruto explaining that being able to use a ninjitsu well you have to be good at controlling ‘Catra'. *Catra means large brown cat.* Konohamaru instantly thinks of a cat. The Hokage's grandson then asks his boss, if he means "Chakra". Naruto covering up his mistake, let's the boy know that is how the talented ninjas say chakra. Konohamaru, believing his boss, realized that his boss must be a talent ninja to say Chakra as Catra. Naruto is relieved that Konohamaru is so gullible.

The boss asks his sidekick what Chakra is. The grandson of the Hokage says that it is the energy you use when doing a jutsu. He continues by saying that basically, to do a ninjutsu, you must mix chakra, which is bodily energy collected from cells throughout the body, and spiritual energy, which is gained through experiences. He finished by saying that by using the proper hand pose, the jutsu can be activated. Naruto yells at Konohamaru or pretending to know what he is talking about, then pulling out a scroll and reading from it.

In a busy part of town, the two boys have a talk. Naruto lets Konohamaru know that he indeed knows a lot. However to use a jutsu well, that hard work and guts are required. Naruto lets the young boy know that he is going to work his rear end off, so he better be prepared. Konohamaru replies that he is ready to start. Naruto tells him to use the Henge, transformation skill. Naruto tells Konohamaru to use the technique so he can see how good his skills are. The newest Konoha ninja tells the grandson of the Hokage to transform into a beautiful brown haired girl in a purple kimono, who is buying vegetables.

Konohamaru does the transformation, but he turns into a very ugly, very fat version of the girl. Naruto looks on in disappointment and disgust. He tells Konohamaru that the clothes and stuff look right. The girl appears behind Naruto asking him what he said. Filled with anger, the young lady hits Naruto. The lady tells Konohamaru to make a much cuter version of her, the next time he transforms into her. The grandson of the Third Hokage looks terrified, as Naruto wonders why he was the one who got hit.

Naruto and Konohamaru stand in front of the bookstore. Naruto tells his young pupil that they are going to be going into the bookstore to study. The boys sneak into the bookstore, while the storekeeper is asleep at the front desk. They open a magazine containing girls in bikinis and maybe even less inside. Their faces light up with excitement as they look at a picture of girl with light brown hair and a black bikini. Their faces grow even happier with the excitement of seeing the picture. Behind them stands the bookstore owner with a stick. He yells at Naruto for having to tell Naruto again that there is no browsing in the bookstore. The two boys slowly turn around frightened to see the very angry shopkeeper. He hits Naruto with the stick.

The two boys are now standing in front of the Leaf Village Public Bath. Naruto turns to Konohamaru, and tells him that this is the last place. Naruto has a black eye from the hit he took from the shopkeeper. The two boys transform into women; Naruto, an attractive young blonde women and Konohamaru, a very large women with only a patch of brown hair. They walk into the Bath House. The women in the bath house start screaming as they realized naruto has snuck in yet again. He gets a puffed up cheek from a punch for his troubles.

In the woods, Naruto wonders why he is the only who is getting attacked. Konohamaru apologizes to Naruto. Since he is the Hokage's grandson the people of the village will not do anything to him. Naruto tells Konohamaru not to worry about it. Naruto lets the boy know that he should be able to do the Sexy no Jutsus now, he just needs to practice. Naruto tells Konohamaru that the basics are "Bon, Kyuu, Bon" and to do it now. Konohamaru responds that he will. He then transforms into another very large women. Naruto tells him to make the woman more slender. Konohamaru then transforms into a small girl. Naruto tells him that he did it wrong and to make the transformation more beautiful. The Third's grandson then changes into an old lady.

Ebisu wonders what that damned Naruto is going to do with his young master. Ebisu looks over the village from the lookout above the Hokage Monument. The tutor with the sunglasses wonders where in the village did they go. Ebisu, in an internal dialogue, says how he is an elite tutor that has taught many future Hokage candidates. He also says to himself that he will eliminate any virus that infects one of his students. He leaps from the lookout.

In the forest we see Naruto and Konohamaru resting on a log, near a building that has a few vending machines. With both boys holding drinks, Naruto asks the boy why he attacks his grandfather so much. Konohamaru says that his grandfather gave him his name. His grandfather named him after the village. He says that despite everyone knowing his name, no one ever calls him that. He says the people only see him and acknowledge him as the Third Hokage's grandson. He says that he is sick and tired of people not acknowledging him as himself. That is the reason he wants the Hokage name now. Naruto calls him an idiot and asks him who would acknowledge a little punk like him. Naruto lets Konohamaru know that the Hokage name is not so easy that a child could take it. Naruto tells Konohamaru that if he wants to become Hokage, that he will have to kick his ass first.

The Hokage is now seen looking at the Hokage Monument. Iruka Sensei, wearing bandages from the beating Mizuki gave him, shows up saying that he has been looking for him. The ninja wonders if Naruto showed up for the Ninja Registration. The Third lets Iruka know that he did. Iruka tells the Hokage that he lectured Naruto at the ramen place the day before . He says the Naruto is so bent on becoming a great ninja and having the village acknowledge his strength. The Hokage tells Iruka Sensei that Naruto's dream may be very difficult. The Third says that the only people who know that the Nine Tailed Demon Fox is sealed withinh Naruto are the adults that fought it twelve years ago. He mentions that he made a rule never to mention that face. He says he has severely punished all those who have broken this rule. As the Hokage speaks, the Demon Fox destroying the forest is shown. The Hokage says that the children do not know the truth and that is the only thing he has going for him. The Third tells about how the Fourth Hokage wanted the people of the village to view Naruto as a hero. That was the wish the Fourth made as he died making the seal.

Iruka wonders aloud, "Hero?".

The Hokage tells how the Fourth sealed the Nine-Tails into the navel of a newborn baby. He says that Naruto became a vessel of the Nine-Tails Demon Fox for the sake of the village. The adults do not see Naruto this way, says the Hokage. Some see him as the demon itself. He says the attitudes displayed by the parents towards Naruto, unintentionally passes down to the children. The Hokage asks Iruka if he knows that when a person hates someone else and doesn't acknowledge his existence, the eyes they use toward him are frighteningly cold. Iruka looks on, completely stunned.

Ebisu is running through the forest when he finds Naruto and Konohmaru sitting on a log. They look back surprisingly. While Ebisu stares at Naruto with the frighteningly cold eyes. Naruto wonders to himself why every looks at him with those kind of eyes. Ebisu tells Konohamaru that they are going home. The boy says that he is not going home. He is going to defeat his grandather and get the Hokage name. He tells his tutor not to get in his way. Ebisu tells the boy that a Hokage must be well versed in all aspects of being a ninja. He says that you must know and master over one thousand skills. Konohamaru uses his version of the Sexy no Jutsu, a big breasted, naked, brown haired girl, on Ebisu. The tutor is shocked, but the technique fails to do anything other than that to him. Ebisu declares that he is too much of a gentleman for a low class skill like that to work on him. Ebisu grabs Konohmaru by the scarf and tries to lead him away. The tutor tells his pupil, that if he hangs out with the like of Naruto, that he will turn stupid. Ebisu once again declares that he is the best shortcut for becoming Hokage.

Naruto uses the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, Shadow Clone Skill, to deal with the tutor. Konohamaru looks on in amazement. Ebisu says that he is different from Mizuki, since he is an elite tutor. The Hokage is watching the developments through his crystal ball, while smoking a pipe. The elite tutor walks in front of the group of Narutos as he prepares to fight. At that moment, all the Narutos perform the Sexy no Jutsu. The Hokage and Konohamaru watch in disbelief. All the naked blonde women swarm all over Ebisu. The elite launches through the air with a rather large nose bleed. Ebisu lands on the ground twitching. Naruto undoes the transformation and the clone skill. He declares the name of his new maneuver, Harem no Jutsu.

The Hokage talks about the combination of the Kage Bunshin and Sexy no Jutsu as another stupid skill that he would probably fall for.

It is now late in the afternoon, Konohamaru complains that he was not even able to beat his own tutor. He wonders why he did not beat the tutor, even if he really wants a name that people will acknowledge. Naruto lets Konohamaru know that becoming Hokage is not easy. It is being the greatest ninja in the entire village.

Naruto tells Konohmaru a story. "With so many hardships, I was often lost. I finally found someone that would accept me, but just getting that far was incredibly difficult. You better accept that. Accept that if you want an incredible name like Hokage that everyone will acknowledge, there won't be any shortcuts! "

Konohamaru thinks about Naruto telling him that to be Hokage, he must kick his ass first. Konohamaru says, "Bah, stop lecturing me like you are special. I am not letting you be my boss any longer! From now on we are rivals!"

The boys look at each other and smile. Naruto tells Konohamaru that tomorrow he will be taking his first step as a ninja. He lets the grandson of the Hokage know that one day they will fight for the Hokage name. Naruto tells the boy to look forward to it, until that time comes. Naruto leaves and waves without looking back. Konohamaru salutes him as he walks off. The Hokage watches all this and smiles. He declares that the path for Naruto becoming a ninja has just started.




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