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This episode starts with a view of a full moon. The view is quickly interrupted by what appear to be tails. The Third Hokage tells what happens while the visuals are shown.

"Long ago, a demon fox appeared." You now see a large fox with nine-tails. "That fox had nine tails. With one swing, that tail could cause mountains to crumble and tidal waves to form. To stop it the Shinobis fought." The Fox Demon is shown destroying a forest.

A group of Shinobi is shown trying to fight the demon fox. A Shinobi says "Delay it until the Fourth Hokage comes." The rest of the ninjas with him say that they can't anymore.

A giant frog is seen coming through the woods carrying a Shinobi on his back. The Third Hokage speaks. "Then one Shinobi sacrificed his life to seal the demon. His name was the Fourth Hokage." The Fourth Hokage is now shown sealing the demon.

A seal is shown and the seal is on that of a blonde haired, baby boy. The baby is on a bundle of cloth and is surrounded by candles.

At this point we hear the opening theme. We see a young boy with blonde hair in bright orange clothing carrying a paint bucket while running away from two young men. The two men yell at the boy to stop. They ask him how he could do such a thing. We find out at this moment that this boy is named Naruto.

The two young men are then seen jumping from building to building chasing after Naruto. While the view pans up, we see a rock wall that has four faces carved into it. We see a close up that the faces have been vandalized by paint. Naruto tells the men to shut-up as they continue to give chase. Naruto exclaims, "That no one could do something this horrible, but I can.", referring to the vandalized faces.

We then hear two voices telling the Hokage that something terrible has happened. He immediately asks if it was Naruto causing trouble again. The two men tell the Hokage that Naruto defaced the Hokage Monument with graffiti, all the while the Hokage is writing something down. The Third Hokage smokes his pipe and lets the smoke out with a sigh as he looks disappointingly towards the ground.

We see Naruto once again being chased across and around buildings. Naruto bounds quickly down the street being chased by the two men. The men go by a wall where Naruto has hidden using a cloth that looks exactly like the wall. Naruto appears from behind the cloth with a big grin on his face. He mocks the two men by calling them idiots while laughing. Suddenly someone appears behind Naruto and yells at him. Which scares Naruto so much, he literally jumps a few feet in the air. Naruto questions the man about why he did that all of a sudden. This man is Iruka, a teacher of Naruto's. Iruka demands to know what Naruto has been doing during class time.

Next we see the school and hear Iruka Sensei lecturing Naruto. He tells Naruto that he should not be out screwing around, when he has failed the last two graduation exams. The entire class looks on as Iruka Sensei talks to Naruto. He explains to him that this is not the time for pranks. We now see that Naruto's torso is tied by rope. He looks toward the class, trying to ignore his sensei.

Iruka Sensei turns toward the class suddenly and tells them that for today's class they are having a review test on "Henge no Jutsu", which is the Transformation Skill. Iruka Sensei tells them that they all must line up, even those who have passed. The entire class gives out a collective, ‘What?'.

Haruno Sakura performs the Henge no Jutsu and transforms into Iruka Sensei. We see Inner Sakura give a an internal, ‘Hell yeah'. She asks Sasuke if he saw her perform the technique. Iruka tells her that she did good. Secondly, Uchiha Sasuke transforms into Iruka Sensei with the Henge no Jutsu. Iruka Sensei tells him that he did good as well.

The sensei than says that Uzimaki Naruto is next. Naruto looks troubled at hearing this. A young brown haired man says it sucks that they have to do this. An attractive blonde hair girl places the blame on Naruto for them having to do this test. Naruto responds with "I don't care". A girl with dark hair and white eyes watches Naruto nervously. She wishes him luck, quietly to herself. As Iruka Sensei looks on Naruto performs the Henge no Jutsu.. He turns into a beautiful naked blonde, who is conveniently covered up by circles of smoke. The naked women that Naruto transformed into, blows a kiss towards Iruka Sensei. He is overcome by a nosebleed and launches across the room. Naruto then undoes the transformation and laughs. Naruto asks his sensei, what he thought. He calls the move, Sexy no Jutsu. Iruka Sensei, who is now very upset, quickly calls Naruto "a dumbass" and" tells him not to invent stupid skills."

We now see the Hokage Monument. Naruto complains to himself about having to clean up the graffiti that he caused to the monument. Iruka Sensei tells him that he will not be allowed to leave until he cleans the entire monument. As Naruto scrubs one of the faces down with water and a washcloth, he says that he does not care since he has no one to go home to. Iruka Sensei then tells Naruto that if he cleans the entire mess up, he will treat Naruto to some ramen. With this news, Naruto becomes overjoyed and says that he will work hard to clean the mess up.

The title for the episode is now shown. ‘Uzimaki Naruto Arrives"

We now see Iruka Sensei and Naruto at Ichiraku Ramen in the late evening. There are some Shinobis around, as well as normal townspeople. As they eat, we notice that Naruto has removed the goggles that he was wearing on his head. Iruka asks Naruto why he defaced the monument and if he knew who the Hokage are. Naruto replies that of course he knows who the Hokage are. He proceeds to bring the bowl to his mouth and drinks from it. Naruto then explains that the Hokage name is given to the person who is the number one ninja in the village. That amongst them was the Fourth Hokage. We now see the Fourth Hokage's face that is on the monument. Naruto talks about how the Fourth Hokage was a hero that saved the village from a fox demon. Iruka asks Naruto, why did he deface the monument then? Naruto replies that one day he will get the Hokage name and that he will surpass all the other Hokages. Naruto points his chopsticks at Iruka Sensei, who is looking at Naruto stunned and in disbelief with a ramen noodle hanging from his mouth. Naruto continues his explanation, after he becomes Hokage that he will make the entire village acknowledge his strength. Naruto then asks a request of Iruka. The sensei asks his student, ‘if the request is for seconds?' " No", is Naruto's response," but if he can borrow Iruka's Leaf head protector?" Iruka grabs his Konoha Leaf forehead protector and tells Naruto no. That the forehead protector is for after he graduates. He also explains that the forehead protector is a symbol that the person who has it, has come of age. Iruka Sensei tells Naruto that he can get one tomorrow, if he passes the final exam. Naruto calls Iruka, ‘Stingy.'Iruka realizes then that this was the reason Naruto removed his goggles. Naruto then demands seconds, which surprises his sensei

Back at the school, Iruka tells the class that they are going to being the graduation exam. While the class watches and listens, Iruka Sensei says that everyone who is called should go into the next classroom. He explains that the test for the Graduation Exam will be the Bunshin no Jutsu, the Clone Skill. Naruto listens in horror as he knows that his worst skill and he could easily fail the Exam again.

In the next classroom, Naruto says that he will do the skill anyway. Naruto is surrounded by a blue energy as he tries the skill. He is soon surrounded by smoke. As the smoke clears, Naruto looks at his clone. Which is laying on the wooden floor, seemingly dead with its tongue sticking out. Naruto looks with worry at Iruka sensei, who looks back at Naruto with an eye twitch caused by anger. Iruka yells at Naruto that he fails.

An examiner to the left of Iruka Sensei, gets his colleague's attention. The teacher says that ‘Naruto has excellent ability and stamina, as well as technically doing the Clone Skill. They could let him pass the exam.' Iruka tells his fellow examiner, Mizuki, ‘everyone else divided into at least three clones, while Naruto created just one that was useless ‘ He says that he could not let Naruto pass. Naruto looks on in anger as he hears what his sensei is saying.

We see a group of children outside of the school with their families. These young people are all wearing their Konoha Leaf forehead protectors. Naruto sits on a swing and sadly looks toward the group of people. He listens to a father congratulate his son on becoming a man by passing the exam. The boy's mom says that she is going to make her son's favorite dinner.

Two mothers talk about Naruto. One of the women asks the other if that is the "kid". The darker haired lady responds that it is. They say that he was the only person who failed the exam. The dark haired lady says that she is glad he failed. The light brown haired woman says that she does they can't have him, Naruto, being a Shinobi because of something. The dark haired lady interrupts her and says they can not talk about that.

Naruto rearranges his goggles on his head as Mizuki Sensei appears besides him.

The Third Hokage is standing next to Iruka Sensei as they are looking at the children. The Hokage says that he must speak to Iruka later in the day. Iruka responds yes as we see the swing Naruto was on, now empty.

Mizuki Sensei and Naruto are sitting on a balcony of someone's home. They are looking out over the village as they speak. Mizuki tells Naruto that Iruka is not picking on him, by not passing him. Naruto wonders why Iruka Sensei acts only that way with him. Mizuki says that Iruka wants Naruto to become genuinely strong., since Iruka Sensei is an orphan as well. Naruto looks down at the village sadly. Naruto says that he wanted badly to graduate. Mizuki says there is no choice but to tell Naruto a special secret.

Iruka Sensei is now in bed, laying down looking through his window at the full moon. We now hear the conversation that happened earlier in the day between Iruka and the Hokage. The Hokage explains to Iruka that he knows how feels since Naruto, like Iruka, grew up without knowing his parents. Iruka's face is seen as we see the Nine Tailed Fox Demon destroying the forest again. We see a young Iruka trying to get away from a ninja and go back to his parents who are fighting the Fox Demon.

Iruka is suddenly woken up by someone yelling for him. It is Mizuki, telling Iruka to go to the Hokage's place. Mizuki says that it appears that Naruto has taken the Scroll of Seals.

Naruto is now in the woods, reading the scroll trying to learn jutsus, skills. Naruto is upset that the first skill in the scroll is the one he is worst at. The skill being Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, the Shadow Clone Skill.

A group of ninjas has assembled to go and find Naruto and bring back the scroll. A ninja mentions that the Scroll of Seals is dangerous and was forbidden by the previous Hokage. Another ninja says that the scroll can't be taken out of the village. At this point Mizuki Sensei and Iruka Sensei arrive to the meeting place. The Hokage tells the ninjas to bring back Naruto. In an instant the entire group of Shinobis are off to find Naruto. They leave so fast that the Hokage's kimono blows from the wind generated by their quick departure.

Iruka goes through the city searching for Naruto. He wonders where Naruto went to. Mizuki says that he will get rid of Naruto when he finds him and the Scroll of Seals will be his. Mizuki at this time has an evil scowl, look, upon his face.

Naruto is sitting on the ground resting when Iruka gets to him. Iruka with a held back anger asks what Naruto was doing. Naruto laughingly tells Iruka Sensei that ‘he found him, but only had learned one skill so far.' Iruka thinks to himself surprisingly that Naruto was only practicing his jutsus so much that he looked that tired and worn out. Naruto says he is going to show his sensei and incredible skill. He asks Iruka if he does a skill from the scroll he is guaranteed to graduate. Iruka asks, "Who told you that?". Naruto says that Mizuki Sensei told him about the scroll and that place in the woods.

Iruka thinks about Suzuki, but at that instant a bunch of knives are thrown. Iruka Sensei throws Naruto out of the way. He is hit by many of these throwing knives. These knives pin parts of Iruka to the wall.

Mizuki, who is on the limb of a tree, says he is impressed that Iruka found Naruto. Iruka comes to the realization that Mizuki used Naruto to get the scroll for him. Mizuki then tells Naruto to hand over the scroll. Naruto, stunned at what he is seeing, asks what is going on. Iruka while pulling a knife from his leg, tells Naruto not to give Mizuki the scroll, even if he dies. Iruka then tells Naruto about the Scroll which has forbidden Ninjutsu, ninja techniques, in it and that Mizuki used Naruto to get the Scroll of Seals. Mizuki tells Naruto that Iruka is afraid of Naruto having the scrolls. Iruka asks Mizuki what he is talking about and tells Naruto not to listen to Mizuki. Mizuki gives a hearty laugh and tells a story, "Twelve years ago a rule was created in this village. This is a rule nobody was allowed to tell you about." Naruto wonders aloud why there was a rule that nobody was supposed to tell him about. He asks kind of rule it is. Iruka yells at Mizuki not to say it. Mizuki continues, "The rule is that nobody is allowed to talk about the fact that you are the Demon Fox. It means that you are the Nine Tailed Fox Demon that killed Iruka's parents and destroyed the village!"

Iruka yells at Mizuki to stop. Naruto is shocked about the news that Mizuki just told him. Mizuki says that everyone lied to Naruto and asked him if he found it odd how everyone hated him. Mizuki says that Naruto will never be acknowledged and that even Iruka hates him.

We now hear the words of the Hokage talking to Iruka. He tells the young teacher that, ‘Naruto has never known a parent's love. And he is hated by all the villagers because of that incident. So to get attention all he could do was make a lot of mischief. He is seeking acknowledgment of his existence.' The graffiti on the Hokage Monument is shown while the Hokage speaks. ‘He may act tough, but the one that is suffering is Naruto.'

Mizuki pulls one of the large shurikens from his back and throws it at Naruto, telling him to "Die" in the process. Naruto tries to scramble away as the shuriken comes towards him. Iruka tells Naruto to get down. Iruka covers Naruto's body with his own, he takes the shuriken in the middle of his back. Iruka coughs up some blood which lands on the face of Naruto. Naruto asks Iruka, why?. Iruka responds that, ‘They are the same. After his parents died, he had no one to compliment him or acknowledge what he did'. In a flashback a young Iruka is shown trying to balance on a rope and he then falls into some water. ‘He said he acted like an idiot to get people's attention. Since he was not able to do it by being special, he kept acting like an idiot.' A young Iruka is now shown in a room alone, sitting with his knees to his chest. 'Iruka says it was painful. Naruto must have been in a lot of pain and so alone.' Iruka's tears fall on Naruto, as Iruka apologizes for not doing a better job, so Naruto would not have felt this pain.

Mizuki, hearing what Iruka has said, laughs. Telling Naruto, that Iruka holds him responsible for the death of his parents. The traitorous Mizuki tells Naruto that Iruka said all that to get the scroll back. Naruto out of fear and lack of trust runs.

Mizuki jumping from the tree, approaches the injured Iruka. He tells Naruto's teacher that, "Naruto is not the type to have a change of heart. He plans to use the scroll to get revenge on the village." Naruto is now shown running as hard as he can through the forest, with a look of anger and fierce determination on his face. The traitor asks if Iruka saw Naruto's eyes, the eyes of the Demon Fox.

Iruka pulls the shuriken from his back and rises to his feet. He tells Mizuki that Naruto is not like the Demon Fox. Iruka charges toward Mizuki Sensei with the shuriken. Iruka throws the weapon, which is easily dodged by the traitor. Mizuki says as long as he kills Naruto and gets the scroll, he will deal with Iruka later. Mizuki heads after Naruto after saying those words. Iruka says that he will not let Mizuki complete his quest.

The Third Hokage looking through a crystal ball, saw all that took place in the woods. He knows that with what Mizuki told Naruto, that Naruto is afraid like never before. The Hokage worries that the seal may be released by Naruto's fear and anger. He also worries that since Naruto has the Scroll of Seals, that if the seal is broken the Nine Tails Fox Demon may reappear, even if the odds are one in a million.

Iruka Sensei finds Naruto running through the trees. He tells Naruto that what Mizuki said was false and he should pass him the scroll since Mizuki is after it. Naruto suddenly hits Iruka with a should charge to the chest. Sending both of them flying to the forest floor. Iruka Sensei asks Naruto ‘how he could have known that he was Mizuki in disguise?' Mizuki undoes his transformation. Naruto responds by saying that he is Iruka. Iruka then undoes his transformation.

Suzuki asks in wonderment why Iruka would change into something that killed his parents. Iruka says that he would not give the scroll to an idiot like Suzuki. The traitor says that Naruto and him are the same, that if they use the skills in the scroll they can do whatever they want. He exclaims that there is no way the Demon Fox would not use that power. Iruka agrees to Naruto's surprise.

Naruto has been hidden behind a tree listening to the exchange. Iruka cries into the scroll, knowing that not even Iruka Sensei deep down acknowledged him. Naruto hears Iruka say ‘If he was the Demon Fox. Naruto is different. I have acknowledged him as one of my excellent students. He is hardworking and dedicated. But because he is clumsy, no one acknowledges him. He already knows what it is to feel pain in your heart. He isn't the Demon Fox anymore. He is the Hidden Leaf Village's Uzimaki Naruto!

Upon hearing this Naruto bursts into tears, for this is the first time he has been acknowledged by anyone. Suzuki having heard enough decides to kill Iruka. Iruka prepares for his death. Mizuki charges at Iruka when he is suddenly kicked. His second shuriken is sent flying off into the woods. Iruka Sensei is shocked to see that it was Naruto that saved him from death. Mizuki threatens Naruto, which intern causes Naruto to tell Mizuki not to touch Naruto's sensei or he will kill him. Mizuki tells Naruto that he will kill a punk like him with one shot. Naruto tells him to go ahead and try, because he will return the pain a thousand times over. Mizuki tells Naruto to go ahead and do it. Naruto uses the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, much to Iruka Sensei's surprise. He creates over a thousand copies of himself. Mizuki surrounded by all the Narutos stumbles about, not knowing what to do. Iruka explains that the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu is a high level Ninjutsu that creates actual bodies instead of illusions. The Narutos take the initiative and beat Mizuki to a pulp, literally.

Naruto acknowledges he might have went to far with Mizuki. He then goes to Iruka to see if he is okay. Iruka says that he is okay, and thinks that what Naruto did was impressive and that he may someday surpass all previous Hokage. Iruka Sensei asks Naruto to come over to him, because he has gift for him.

The group of ninjas has returned and ask each other if they have found Naruto. The Third Hokage relieves their fears by telling them that everything is okay and Naruto will be back soon.

Naruto asks his sensei if he can open his eyes. Iruka tells him that he can. Naruto opens his eyes to see Iruka Sensei standing in front of him. Naruto is now wearing his sensei's forehead protector. Iruka congratulates Naruto on graduating. Iruka tells Naruto it is time to celebrate and he will buy him some ramen. Naruto then jumps on Iruka giving him a hug and hurting him a little bit in the process.

Iruka's voice then takes over the scene. "I planned to tell Naruto that the hard part of being Naruto had just begun. But I guess I'll save that for the ramen place."




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