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Types Of Plastic Surgery Sub-Specialties


Plastic surgery is a medical process through which body tissues, permanently damaged, or missing are reconstructed or replaced by tissues from other compatible tissues from another body or from the same person. There are a number of types of plastic surgery sub-specialties but the following are the main ones.

Aesthetic Surgery

These one is mainly body and facial aesthetic surgery. The main purpose is to improve the overall appearance by use of cosmetic surgical principles.

Burn Surgeries

This one involves repairing or replacing the burnt part through operation. There are two phases through which this procedure takes place; Acute Burn Surgery and Reconstructive Burn Surgery. Acute surgery takes place immediately after the burn. Reconstructive surgery takes place after the burnt tissue or skin has healed.

Craniofacial Surgery

Craniofacial surgery is divide into two; Pediatric and Adult Craniofacial Surgery. Adult craniofacial surgery is performed in the case of fractures and other secondary purposes. Pediatric craniofacial surgery is mostly concerned with the repair of abnormalities that are congenital.

Hand Surgery

Surgery on acute and chronic injuries of the hand and arm in general all fall under Hand Surgery. The disorders concerned include congenital disorders and the peripheral nerve problems.


This involves transferring a living piece of tissue from a healthy part, including blood vessels, to the reconstruction site. The following common procedures fall under microsurgery; hand implantation, brachial plexus surgery and breast and head and neck reconstruction.

Pediatric Plastic Surgery

According to experts, congenital abnormalities are best treated at childhood. The chances of the operation coming out successful for a child are much higher than those of an adult. Young tissues are also said to heal faster than older ones.

The main purpose of plastic surgery is to try making sure that the damaged parts get back to function and appearing as close to normal as possible. Sadly, though, other operations don’t come out as successful as planned and therefore before deciding to undergo the procedure, the cons and pros should be weighed first.