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When Is Plastic Surgery Used?

Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery that deals in reconstructing, “correction” or repairing of damaged or missing skin or tissue, usually due to illness, surgery, injury or deformity present from birth. The main purpose of plastic surgery is to help restore the skin and tissues to as close as normal.

It can be used to:
· Repair abnormality caused by birth
· Repair regions damaged by cancer such as breast or face
· Repair serious injuries such as those caused by motor accidents

Plastic surgery can help restore confidence and self esteem of a person deformed from birth, due to injury or illness.

Types of surgery

Reconstructive surgery

This is done to correct functional deformities caused by traumatic injuries, burns, congenital abnormalities, development abnormalities or infection and diseases. The common procedures include laceration repair, tumor removal, hand surgery, breast reduction plasty, breast reconstruction, palate and cleft lip surgery and scar repair.

Cosmetic surgery

This type of surgery is optional. It involves surgery on normal parts of the body with an aim to improving appearance or removing aging signs. The most common types of surgeries include liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, nasal surgery and abdominoplasty.

Plastic surgery techniques

Plastic surgery uses various techniques depending on the deformity being treated. There are three main reconstructive methods:
· Skin flap surgery – it involves transfer of a living tissue from one section of the body to another together with its blood vessels.
· Skin grafts – it involves transfer of a healthy skin from a healthy part of the body to a damaged region of the body or skin.
· Tissue expansion – it involves stretching of tissue to allow the body grow extra skin. This skin is then used to reconstruct a damaged region.

Other methods include: vacuum closure, camouflage cream and prosthetic devices.


There are risks and complications that come along depending on the type of surgery being carried out. The degree of the risks depend on some factors such the amount of area to be corrected, experience of the surgeon and overall health of the patient.

Some surgery procedures have specific risks. But, general risks are usually scarring, infection or possibility of negative results.