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Cosmetic Surgery Aims At Enhancing The Aesthetic Appearance

In recent past and present day world, undergoing plastic surgery has become like culture to a certain classes of society especially ladies in the name of cosmetic reasons and becoming more attractive. Plastic surgery can be defined as a medical practice which aims at correcting or restoring certain part of a human body. Two main branches of plastic surgery are the cosmetic surgery and constructive surgery.

Cosmetic surgery aims at enhancing the aesthetic appearance of a person. It involves reconstruction of cutaneous or underlying tissues, carried out to improve and correct a structural defect or to edge out a scar which may be as a result of an injury or other natural causes. It can also be applied to normal aging action so that the applier looks young and vibrant. A few examples of Cosmetic plastic surgery includes Tummy Tuck surgery well known as abdominoplasty which reshapes and firmed abdomen, eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty where the eyelids are reshaped or application of a permanent eyeliner is done. There is also mammoplasty which includes breast enlargement, breast reduction, male breast reduction and mastopexy that is breast lifting in a layman’s language.

On the other hand, reconstructive surgery is aimed at improving function but it may also involve trying to approximate normal appearance although this is not its primary function. Maxiillo-facial surgeons, plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists sometimes may perform reconstructive or restorative plastic surgery on faces after trauma and remaking of head and the neck after cancer treatment.

Plastic surgery also has other branches such as craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery as well as treatment of burns and many more other types. It is good for people to be aware that plastic surgery process though has got many benefits, it also accrues deadly repercussions that come with it. So whoever is going for the surgery with cosmetic needs should be careful of the process.