When Is Plastic Surgery Used?

Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery that deals in reconstructing, “correction” or repairing of damaged or missing skin or tissue, usually due to illness, surgery, injury or deformity present from birth. The main purpose of plastic surgery is to help restore the skin and tissues to as close as normal.

It can be used to:
· Repair abnormality caused by birth
· Repair regions damaged by cancer such as breast or face
· Repair serious injuries such as those caused by motor accidents

Plastic surgery can help restore confidence and self esteem of a person deformed from birth, due to injury or illness.

Types of surgery

Reconstructive surgery

This is done to correct functional deformities caused by traumatic injuries, burns, congenital abnormalities, development abnormalities or infection and diseases. The common procedures include laceration repair, tumor removal, hand surgery, breast reduction plasty, breast reconstruction, palate and cleft lip surgery and scar repair.

Cosmetic surgery

This type of surgery is optional. It involves surgery on normal parts of the body with an aim to improving appearance or removing aging signs. The most common types of surgeries include liposuction, breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, nasal surgery and abdominoplasty.

Plastic surgery techniques

Plastic surgery uses various techniques depending on the deformity being treated. There are three main reconstructive methods:
· Skin flap surgery – it involves transfer of a living tissue from one section of the body to another together with its blood vessels.
· Skin grafts – it involves transfer of a healthy skin from a healthy part of the body to a damaged region of the body or skin.
· Tissue expansion – it involves stretching of tissue to allow the body grow extra skin. This skin is then used to reconstruct a damaged region.

Other methods include: vacuum closure, camouflage cream and prosthetic devices.


There are risks and complications that come along depending on the type of surgery being carried out. The degree of the risks depend on some factors such the amount of area to be corrected, experience of the surgeon and overall health of the patient.

Some surgery procedures have specific risks. But, general risks are usually scarring, infection or possibility of negative results.

Technology To Take Credit For The Positive Thinking Regarding Plastic Surgery

The world continues to experience some of the greatest inventions in the medical field. Today, plastic surgery procedures are becoming even more popular across the globe. Procedures such as breast augmentation continue to thrive since technology has aided in the reduction of risks involved in such procedures. Below are a few procedures that continue to take the world by surprise considering how fast they have gained popularity.

· Facelifts

· Liposuction

· Breast augmentation

· Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)

· Eyelid surgery

Continuous research in cosmetic surgery treatments have also led to the emergence of new techniques that are worth mentioning. For instance, plastic surgeons today have a better understanding of the human anatomy due to the continuous research in this field. This has enlightened them to a great extent so that they can shorten the recovery period of their patients. This is good news to all plastic surgery patients since they can anticipate quick recuperation after undergoing surgery. This is what every patient needs since life is full of busy schedules which must not be needlessly interrupted.

Recent developments in breast augmentation procedures are even more thrilling. Remember that many women have always refrained from breast augmentation procedures due to the scaring that occur on the skin after the surgery. Today, patients have a reason to smile since surgeons are able to give the breasts an internal lift without exposing the external parts to any major damage. This is a major invention that is a direct assurance of even greater and more superior surgical procedures in the near future.

It is true that new inventions have exposed the positive side of plastic surgery today. This is the major reason why even those who dreaded plastic surgery procedures can now think twice about their stand. Moreover, nothing makes any surgical procedure satisfying than being able to see a positive result and undergoing the least stress possible.

Cosmetic Surgery Aims At Enhancing The Aesthetic Appearance

In recent past and present day world, undergoing plastic surgery has become like culture to a certain classes of society especially ladies in the name of cosmetic reasons and becoming more attractive. Plastic surgery can be defined as a medical practice which aims at correcting or restoring certain part of a human body. Two main branches of plastic surgery are the cosmetic surgery and constructive surgery.

Cosmetic surgery aims at enhancing the aesthetic appearance of a person. It involves reconstruction of cutaneous or underlying tissues, carried out to improve and correct a structural defect or to edge out a scar which may be as a result of an injury or other natural causes. It can also be applied to normal aging action so that the applier looks young and vibrant. A few examples of Cosmetic plastic surgery includes Tummy Tuck surgery well known as abdominoplasty which reshapes and firmed abdomen, eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty where the eyelids are reshaped or application of a permanent eyeliner is done. There is also mammoplasty which includes breast enlargement, breast reduction, male breast reduction and mastopexy that is breast lifting in a layman’s language.

On the other hand, reconstructive surgery is aimed at improving function but it may also involve trying to approximate normal appearance although this is not its primary function. Maxiillo-facial surgeons, plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists sometimes may perform reconstructive or restorative plastic surgery on faces after trauma and remaking of head and the neck after cancer treatment.

Plastic surgery also has other branches such as craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery as well as treatment of burns and many more other types. It is good for people to be aware that plastic surgery process though has got many benefits, it also accrues deadly repercussions that come with it. So whoever is going for the surgery with cosmetic needs should be careful of the process.

Types Of Plastic Surgery Sub-Specialties


Plastic surgery is a medical process through which body tissues, permanently damaged, or missing are reconstructed or replaced by tissues from other compatible tissues from another body or from the same person. There are a number of types of plastic surgery sub-specialties but the following are the main ones.

Aesthetic Surgery

These one is mainly body and facial aesthetic surgery. The main purpose is to improve the overall appearance by use of cosmetic surgical principles.

Burn Surgeries

This one involves repairing or replacing the burnt part through operation. There are two phases through which this procedure takes place; Acute Burn Surgery and Reconstructive Burn Surgery. Acute surgery takes place immediately after the burn. Reconstructive surgery takes place after the burnt tissue or skin has healed.

Craniofacial Surgery

Craniofacial surgery is divide into two; Pediatric and Adult Craniofacial Surgery. Adult craniofacial surgery is performed in the case of fractures and other secondary purposes. Pediatric craniofacial surgery is mostly concerned with the repair of abnormalities that are congenital.

Hand Surgery

Surgery on acute and chronic injuries of the hand and arm in general all fall under Hand Surgery. The disorders concerned include congenital disorders and the peripheral nerve problems.


This involves transferring a living piece of tissue from a healthy part, including blood vessels, to the reconstruction site. The following common procedures fall under microsurgery; hand implantation, brachial plexus surgery and breast and head and neck reconstruction.

Pediatric Plastic Surgery

According to experts, congenital abnormalities are best treated at childhood. The chances of the operation coming out successful for a child are much higher than those of an adult. Young tissues are also said to heal faster than older ones.

The main purpose of plastic surgery is to try making sure that the damaged parts get back to function and appearing as close to normal as possible. Sadly, though, other operations don’t come out as successful as planned and therefore before deciding to undergo the procedure, the cons and pros should be weighed first.

Why Plastic Surgery Is More Than Just A Savior To Those Seeking Perfection

For the longest time, plastic surgery has been perceived as a savior to those that are seeking to get perfection or simply improve their physical look. That is why it has also come to be known as cosmetic surgery. However, contrary to public opinion, there are countless times in which procedures that are related to this type of surgery have been used to save the lives of people making it as vital as any other medical procedure.

Trends of plastic surgery have been used to allow women that have gone through mastectomy as a result of breast cancer to get their confidence and esteem back by getting their breast surgically modified to look as normal as possible. Furthermore, this type of surgery has also proved to be crucial to those that have suffered accidents with extensive and severe damage to the face. With the help of cosmetic surgeries, such individuals have been able to have surgical reconstruction and have most features of their faces restored. As much as plastic surgery has been used widely by the wealthy to get better looks, it still holds a profound place in the books of medicine as a savior to those that would have had to endure a life mockery were it not for plastic surgery.

Benefits And Risks Of Plastic Surgery

Most people are having plastic surgery nowadays because they want to look good and younger. This procedure also helps a person to improve their attitude about themselves, especially those ones who feel that they do not have the perfect looks. For a person who is overweight, undergoing weight loss surgery can help them regain their slimness faster compared to dieting. Other common types of surgeries that people undergo include breast augmentation, liposuction, eyelid surgery and blepharoplasty.

Even with many benefits that plastic surgery has, it still has its risks. It can result into complications that range from unnatural or unattractive final results to scarring, or in extreme cases, death. Instead of getting the results that will help you improve your appearance, you may end up getting results that make you appear worse than before the surgery. In some cases, the nerves may be tampered with during the surgical procedure, and the outcome can be really ugly, for instance inability to make facial expressions or dropping of the mouth or eyes.